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Tunisia: Kaïs Saïed, a president from another planet

Ah, the Tunisian president! A political phenomenon acclaimed by 73% of Tunisian voters two years ago ... But also a man who is constantly renewing himself. And not as Churchill could imagine. Because Kaïs Saïed is rather the costume change specialist. At the same time old-fashioned, he seduced the Tunisian youth in 2019. While he was appointed caliph of Tunisia, he nevertheless combines all the qualities of Iznogoud. Afraid of the plane, he improvises himself as an astronaut. By sending its first satellite into space, Tunisia allowed the President of the Republic to offer himself a moment of glory. But like the rocket carrying "Challenge One", the head of state has gone through some turbulence lately. And if the Tunisian satellite is in space today, President Kaïs Saïed is rather in the moon. Too busy contemplating the spatial performance of TelNet rather than watching the never-ending crisis, a few feet away from it.

Kaïs Saïed as above ground as the rocket responsible for carrying 'Challenge One'

When the satellite was launched, Kaïs Saïed showed that it was as above ground as the rocket responsible for taking "Challenge One" far from the Earth's atmosphere. It takes little to be happy in politics, after all: by playing on pride and nationalism, the President of the Republic made the whole world believe that all was well in the best of all possible worlds in Tunisia. A country, said the head of state, which is not lacking in resources but in "national will". But whose fault is it? Politically blocked between a head of government who wanted to reshuffle his team of ministers and a President of the Republic who, via a letter written in Kufic calligraphy, showed in half-words that he hated the Tunisian parliamentary system to the highest degree, the Tunisia is watching Kaïs Saïed sink into the crisis as the Tunisian satellite has sunk into the Kazakh sky. With Hichem Mechichi, head of government, and Rached Ghannouchi, president of the National Assembly, helpless spectators.

Kaïs Saïed thinks he comes "from another planet"

In the Tunisian jungle, where people do not die of hunger because they go into debt to end the prison, social misery lurks and the political battle that agitates at the highest point of the State may have serious consequences. It is far, the state of grace of the Tunisian president who said last December to come " from another planet ”. “When I see all this manipulation and these lies… I remained stoic and I held on! He said then. But for how long ? This clash between the President of the Republic and his head of government risks pushing Tunisia a little further into the abyss of political and social misery. Kafka would never have imagined such a scenario, but with a president from another planet, you could expect the best and the worst. For now, the worst has taken over the best. And we don't see how the situation could improve in Hannibal Barca's country.

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