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In Cameroon, the state of health of Paul Biya worries

Paul Biya

In recent times, Paul Biya has chained discomfort. But according to several persistent rumors, the president of Cameroon remains on the lookout and would consider reshuffling his government.

It was ten days ago. According to the journalist, generally well informed behind the scenes of the Cameroonian presidency Boris Bertold, Paul Biya felt unwell while he was in his helicopter returning from the village of Mvomeka'a. A discomfort that raises questions: when he had to take the road, Paul Biya had finally decided to take the helicopter. Supported by the medical services of the Presidency of the Republic, Paul Biya did not want the information to leak.

But in the Cameroonian seraglio, this malaise frightens. In particular within his first circle, writes this Thursday morning Africa Intelligence which indicates that Biya has been staying in his native village since the end of the African Cup of Nations.

Paul Biya is now 89 years old, whose four decades spent at the head of his country. His state of health has, in recent times, animated the debates. Especially because the president spends less time dealing with domestic politics than his health concerns. And when he's not in Switzerland to take care of him, Paul Biya therefore remains far from public life in his village.

A big spring cleaning?

What, also, to worry the ministers: according to a Cameroonian journalist, Biya's trip to the Cameroonian capital could be the start of a big cleaning operation. "The Head of State, before any reshuffle or any hard decision, retires to Mvomeka'a and strikes as soon as he returns from his retirement to his native village", indicates the newspaper Cameroon 24. The rumor of a list of a new government even circulated.

If Biya's health is therefore fragile, the head of state still seems determined to remain in power. And those around him fear the worst: ministers and executives from several ministries have, according to the Cameroonian press, been banned from leaving the territory. Investigations have even been launched against several personalities, raising fears of arrests in the coming days after cases of embezzlement linked to the Covid-19 pandemic.

What is really going on in the presidential palace? In any case, the situation seems to be confused. If, on the one hand, the series of malaises raises fears of a war of succession in the event of the worsening of the state of health of the president, only two men are really in the confidence: Mvondo Ayolo, the director of cabinet of Paul Biya, and Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, secretary general of the presidency. They alone are authorized to see the Head of State.

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