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DJ Kampire, the rising star of Afro-house

After reggaeton, trance or deep house, it's time for Afro-house. This style of music is all the rage in clubs around the world. Ugandan DJ Kampire has become its ambassador.

Resident DJ of the famous British radio station Rinse FM, DJ Kampire is a famous artist on the international music scene. It was also one of the ten "best discoveries in the world", according to Mixmag magazine in 2018.

Kampire mixes electronics and African sounds, with one goal: to promote African music around the world. The artist has the continent pegged to the body. VS'is what prompted the DJ to renew her contract with the Ugandan record company Nyege Nyege, based in the capital Kampala. Kampire was however spoiled for choice, she who was courted by the biggest international labels after a successful tour in 2019.

During his 2019 tour, Kampire performed on four continents. The quantity, but also the quality ... His performance at the "Nyege Nyege Festival" was hailed by critics. The DJ presented ten new tracks of eight different musical styles. It attracted over 500 visitors to the Boiler Room YouTube channel. A historic record.

Beyond success, a living anthology

Uganda, DJ Kampire does not forget. In her music, she sends messages of hope to African youth. DA graduate in philosophy in the United States, Kampire promotes the continent behind her turntables, but not only: she regularly organizes conferences on East African culture and ethnology, whether in Uganda or Zambia, her native country.

In terms of music, the DJ, in the space of ten years, has reinvented the nightlife in Kampala. The capital of Uganda, historic theater of violence for two decades, is now a dancing city, which lives every evening to the rhythm of the Afro-beat. And Kampire is constantly renewing itself: sOn her SoundCloud and Spotify channels, she always surprises her fans with multiple creations: afro-tropical, deep house, Congolese soukous, South African kwaito, Ugandan pop and even rap.

In June 2021, DJ Kampire will launch his third world tour. In the meantime, the artist spends most of his nights playing in underground clubs or mixing to prepare for his tour. She knows that, "despite the logistical and economic difficulties", the fans are looking forward to this moment. The DJ hopes "to be able to carry the flag of her country" and "to promote the music of her people".

His tour will begin in Spain, in Barcelona, ​​where the Sónar festival will be held. She will then continue with an evening in Lisbon, before flying to other skies.

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