by Aly Jonas

The immeasurable wealth of the African continent

La richesse incommensurable du continent Africain

In the heart of the Sahara, one of the driest deserts on the planet, an astonishing discovery has surprised scientists around the world.

Recent research has highlighted the unsuspected presence of more than 1.8 billion solitary trees, scattered across the Sahel region, on the southern edge of the desert. This impressive figure was revealed through careful analysis of 11,000 images provided by NASA, combined with the use of artificial intelligence to detect and map these unique trees.

The study, led by Martin Brandt of the University of Copenhagen in Denmark, revealed that these solitary trees, against all odds, manage to flourish in an environment as hostile as the Sahara. Their presence challenges preconceived notions about the viability of plant life in extreme climatic conditions.

This groundbreaking discovery provides new insight into desert biodiversity and challenges our perceptions of the ability of ecosystems to adapt to harsh environments. It also raises crucial questions about nature conservation and the fight against deforestation on a global scale, offering new avenues of research to understand and preserve these unique ecosystems.