by Nelson Nkosi

Thabo Mbeki: “the ANC is no longer democratic”

Thabo Mbeki : " l’ANC n’est plus démocratique "
Historic figure of the ANC, former president Thabo Mbeki, has left the party denouncing the lack of transparency in decision-making.

Already weakened by the arrest of the President of the National Assembly, Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula, who has been accused of corruption. The African National Congress (ANC) sees another of its historic executives leave the party. Former president of South Africa, Thabo Mbeki, has just slammed the door less than 15 days before the elections.

In a press release, Thabo Mbeki explains, in summary, that the ANC is experiencing many internal problems with its functioning. Half-heartedly, the former South African president claims that the party has become anti-democratic and calls for a more inclusive and transparent decision-making process to be put in place.

The ANC, in full implosion?

Not waiting until the end of the legislative campaign signals a strong message from Thabo Mbeki. The former president thus decides to sound the alarm while the party is already under fire from criticism. The ANC has in fact been facing, for several months, accusations of corruption, questionable political decisions - whether economic or social -, and a flight of voters towards other parties, notably the newly formed party by another former ANC member, Jacob Zuma's MK.

But above all, Thabo Mbeki is very influential within the ANC, his departure in the middle of the electoral campaign will certainly have serious consequences for the ANC and FOR the elections of May 29. As for the ANC, the current leadership of the party took note of the decision of the former head of state and “promised more democracy in its internal management”. The party's next national conference is likely to be an eventful one. Especially since it will be held after the elections, which could very well result in the end of the hegemony of the ANC, with the party needing to form a coalition in order to stay in power.