by Aly Jonas

Electoral Tension in Chad: Cascade Appeal before the Constitutional Council

Tension Électorale au Tchad : Recours en Cascade devant le Conseil Constitutionnel

The presidential election in Chad continues to cause political and legal turmoil after the proclamation of provisional results formalizing the victory in the first round of the transitional president, Mahamat Idriss Déby.

Prime Minister Succès Masra, a rival also asserting his victory, filed an appeal before the Constitutional Council. This move comes just three days after the official figures were revealed.

The Transformers party, contesting its official score of 18%, followed the same path by submitting its request to the Constitutional Council two days before the deadline. The allegations made by the latter are not trivial. They highlight a range of irregularities that mar the electoral process. Sitack Yombatina Béni, vice-president of the party, highlights in particular obstacles to the smooth running of the vote such as refusals of access to polling stations and counting operations, an insufficiency of electoral materials, as well as incidents involving ballot boxes being taken away. by soldiers. Furthermore, he deplores the marginalization of the party during the electoral process by the National Electoral Management Agency, in contravention of the provisions of article 89 of the Electoral Code.

Furthermore, the party contacted the National Election Management Agency to obtain details of the results office by office, in accordance with article 90 of the Electoral Code. This stipulates that the Constitutional Council must render its decision within ten days of its referral, which will result either in the definitive proclamation of the results or in the cancellation of the election.

In parallel with this protest, another unsuccessful candidate, Yacine Abdramane Sakine of the Reform Party, who obtained an accreditation of 0.36% of the votes, spoke to the press in Ndjamena on Sunday May 12, 2024. Although he congratulated the winner Mahamat Idriss Déby Itno, he also announced his intention to file a request with the Constitutional Council in order to demand the publication of the exact number of his votes.