by Alya Gorgi

Mauritania highlights its energy potential at US-Africa summit

La Mauritanie met en lumière son potentiel énergétique au sommet États-Unis-Afrique

Mauritania was at the heart of discussions during the 16th edition of the United States-Africa economic summit which was held in Dallas from May 6 to 9, 2024.

A delegation led by the Mauritanian Prime Minister and his Minister of Energy participated in the event, highlighting the country's energy potential and in particular the Grand Tortue Ahmeyim (GTA) natural gas exploitation project, located on the border between Mauritanian and Senegalese territorial waters.

The visit of the Mauritanian delegation began in Houston, the energy capital, with participation in the Offshore Hydrocarbon Exploration and Exploitation Technologies (OTC) Exhibition. Then, in Dallas, during the economic summit, the objective was to reassure investors about the development of the GTA project, a source of great economic hope for the region.

Since its discovery in 2013, the GTA project, led by BP, has encountered various obstacles. However, with the necessary infrastructure in place, natural gas production is expected to begin soon. Sili Ahmed Abeidna, general manager of the Mauritanian company Sogeco, manager of the project's logistics, highlights the technological challenges encountered but is optimistic about the progress of the project and hopes for the launch of production before the end of the year.

With an investment of $9 billion, shared between Mauritania and Senegal, the GTA project is expected to produce 2.3 million tonnes of liquefied natural gas per year. In addition, other explorations are underway, notably by American companies, opening new perspectives for the Mauritanian energy sector.

However, to make these projects a reality, it is crucial to ensure the trust of private partners. This is why the Mauritanian delegation went to Dallas, a major financial center home to many American banking institutions, in order to demonstrate the country's capacity to welcome and collaborate with large American companies.