by Nelson Nkosi

New rise in unemployment in South Africa

Nouvelle hausse du chômage en Afrique du Sud

In the first quarter, South Africa was rocked by an alarming increase in the unemployment rate, reaching 32.9%, an increase of 0.8 points from the previous quarter, according to StatsSA.

This rise in unemployment, which has affected 8.2 million people, constitutes a warning signal for the government a few weeks before the most contested elections in the country's history.

A government failing in the face of the crisis

The African National Congress (ANC), in power since 1994, is criticized for its poor management of the economy and public affairs. Burdened by corruption scandals and internal divisions, the party risks losing a significant part of its popular support in the next elections. Young people, particularly affected by an unemployment rate reaching 45.5%, express their dismay at the lack of prospects in an economy renowned as the most industrialized on the continent.

An uncertain future for the ANC

Election forecasts suggest the ANC may fail to secure a parliamentary majority, forcing it to form a coalition to stay in power. This situation further weakens the party, already weakened by years of mismanagement and scandals. Protests and acts of xenophobia, fueled by high unemployment, reflect the population's growing frustration with a government incapable of meeting their most basic needs.