by Aly Jonas

Cameroon: Maurice Kamto warns of a double risk of an electoral and military coup

Cameroun : Maurice Kamto alerte sur un double risque de coup d'État électoral et militaire

The political landscape of Cameroon is shaken by the declarations of Maurice Kamto, president of the MRC and declared candidate for the 2025 presidential election.

At a press conference in Yaoundé, he raised concerns about electoral registration operations and denounced the danger of a military coup if his party wins. His allegations highlight growing tensions in the country ahead of upcoming elections.

In Cameroon, Maurice Kamto, president of the MRC and declared candidate for the 2025 presidential election on behalf of the Political Alliance for Change (APC), gave a press conference on Friday May 10 in Yaoundé. During this, he spoke of his party's fears around the ongoing operations of registration on the electoral lists and also denounced the risk of "a military coup d'état" in preparation, if the MRC came to win the next presidential election.

According to Maurice Kamto, an electoral coup is organized by Elecam. This independent body, responsible for the organization, management and supervision of the entire electoral process, is accused of being in collusion with the government to prevent, by various means, the mass registration of Cameroonians in the electoral process. inside the country as well as in the diaspora.

Maurice Kamto takes as an example the evolution, in his opinion very slow, of the electoral register which has stagnated for years at around 7 and a half million voters, while the overall population of the country is estimated at 30 million inhabitants.

For the MRC and its leader, all these companies reflect the fear of the regime in place in the face of the enthusiasm shown by Cameroonians, in recent months, to register on the electoral lists. Consequently, the director general of elections at Election's Cameroon, the president of the electoral council and all the members of the said council must resign, asserts Maurice Kamto.

The military coup that the president of the MRC foresees stems from the public outings of some activists and communicators from the RDPC, the ruling party, who would have, in various circumstances, declared that a military coup would be inevitable in Cameroon if the MRC were to win the next presidential election.

Statements which would not have stirred up in the circles of power, which is understood as a certain approval by Maurice Kamto. The president of the MRC warns, for one or other of the coup d'état scenarios envisaged: he will not let it happen, whatever the price that will have to be paid, he says.